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Commercial Lighting And Commercial Automation Solutions

Transform Your Business Completely


Rapid Automation has a huge range of commercial automation solutions to automate lighting, electrical controls and HVAC throughout your building. Automating your space is the intelligent choice. You will slash your energy bills, impress your prospective clients and increase staff productivity. Let your staff work with the best equipment. Contact us today and book in our automaton expert for a free consultation.

Today’s best commercial lighting automation systems rely on fixture-level occupancy sensing, managed through software that detects and records data such as ambient light, occupancy, temperature, and energy consumption. Profiles are stored in each fixture and dictate how the fixtures are controlled in various scenarios. Templates are customisable for myriad settings, such as a private office, conference rooms, and bathrooms.

Rapid Automation take the confusion out of it for you. We simplify the installation and start-up of your commercial lighting automation, with the best products for your specific site. We can tailor each space within your site, to your needs. Contact us today and book in our automation expert for a free consultation.